الأحد، 19 ديسمبر 2010

A woman to all of the yearsDoes by

A woman to all of the yearsDoes by an inspiration he be enough ?
And does my cry be enough ?
My call that she launched in the areas ?
I love you and want you .. until . and the words disappear dumb he is not we can he completed to plant a word behind ( until ) . this . he appeared : I say until the extinction . ? until the nothingness until the days of Allah ? I will be exaggerating in the tradition of some that will repeat a speech that others might have said heart they knew the love and stored it in their sweat and their eyes but I said : I love you and want you and I was content and to Qi An that discusses the language dictionaries about features I don't think that we in need for them I love you and want you that hide Shala from the light and an ink from the joy, forests of the promise and the dream that is still stable Mnd defined you Yanti I love you that I want you did they be convinced ? and do you see me she has come to you . I want you but how do I want you and adapted Stconeni to this passenger that the stumble of the stations dust and the ways severed by it and the features mixed with it to Marae's abound and departed ? how be fo

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